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Signs Your Locks are Failing

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It is inevitable that commercial locks will wear out and need replacing. It can be hard to tell when commercial locks are failing, but there are several signs to watch for so your commercial building stays safe and secure.

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We know how important the security of your commercial building is, so we have compiled our top six signs that your locks are failing so that you can spot a failing lock before it becomes a security issue.

Here are our top six signs:

The Lock is Misaligned

Misaligned locks are one of the more common causes of lock failure.

Alignment problems on a door lock can be very easy to spot as they yield the same issue: your locked front or back door will not function properly, whether you're trying to get in or out.

You will know that your locks are misaligned when the lock seems to catch upon opening or closing it.

This can pose a significant problem for a commercial facility, especially where sensitive materials or expensive inventory is stored.

Apart from this, if misalignment is not dealt with efficiently, your locks will get worse. If the locking mechanism is out of alignment and doesn't line up with the door's frame, you're exposing it to unnecessary pressure every time you try to close the door.

This process may damage your bolt or latch. A misaligned lock can also wear out the door frame, eventually leading to a broken door.

Finding misaligned door locks and latches is a signal that you may need to replace your locks. If you suspect that your locks are misaligned, contact us to inspect your doors.

We will send a locksmith with the necessary equipment to repair or replace your locks, if required.

Difficulty Opening or Closing the Lock

Difficulty opening or closing commercial locks makes locks inefficient and takes away from productivity.

It also decreases your commercial building's security and safety and can indicate that your locks are failing.

It is likely that the commercial lock has been exposed to wear and tear for too long and needs to be replaced.

If using a key does not serve its purpose for your building any longer, we can provide alternative security options that will better suit your needs.

Clicking Sounds From the Locks

This is an indication that your commercial lock may be failing.

Some commercial locks will make clicking sounds from time to time. Still, if the sound becomes too frequent or loud, it could mean that you're dealing with a misaligned or broken door lock. If this is the case, we would recommend contacting us to repair or replace your commercial lock altogether.

Clicking sounds are a prevalent sign that commercial door and hardware malfunctions have started happening. Commercial property owners should be aware of this sign and act quickly to repair or replace the lock.

A Key Has Broken Off In Your Lock

Keys are among the most under-appreciated inventions in modern homes and businesses, keeping your inventory, property, and personnel safe and secure.

Except for when they break.

It is a huge inconvenience when a key breaks off in your lock trying to enter your commercial building. There are many ways to fix this issue and remediate this problem, including hiring an experienced locksmith like NV Locksmith.

There are many popular DIY suggestions for solving the problem of a broken key in the lock. While it may seem like a no-brainer to fix your lock yourself, this is not the best solution, as the commercial locksmiths at NV Locksmith have vast experience with this issue.

If you find yourself in a situation where your key breaks off inside of your commercial lock, call us immediately, and we will come to make sure that it is fixed promptly and correctly.

Rust On Metal Parts Of Your Locks

Rust on commercial locks is an obvious sign that your commercial locks are failing. The metal parts will gradually wear as they get exposed to elements like rain, dust, and wind. If your commercial lock's metal components have been showing signs of corrosion for too long, it may be time to replace them with a new lock.

It doesn't take long for the tiniest amounts of rust to accumulate on commercial locks, resulting in them becoming stiff and difficult to use. Rust is one of the most common reasons commercial locks fail, as it damages metal parts like bolts or latches that allow your commercial door to close properly.

If you notice rust on your commercial locks, it may be time to replace the lock.

Your Locks or Handles Are Loose

Loose door lock parts can be a sign of increased risk.

Door locks tend to loosen up with time and over extended periods of use, which means exterior doors where people frequently enter and leave your commercial building are at a high risk of failing.

Loose door locks do not sound as dangerous as the potential of being locked out of your house or experiencing a break-in, but appearances can be deceiving. Break-ins are much more likely to happen if your locks require replacement. If the door lock begins to loosen, the chances of your business being broken into via forced entry are higher. Loose doorknobs or locks are essentially making it easier for burglars to enter your building.

It is not hard to spot exterior door lock problems that result from a loose interior section. One sign may be that the screws for both the locking mechanism and the strike plate are often coming undone, or the outer metal of your locks may become worn, creating gaps for more intruders to use.

Locks that are not working properly should be a significant concern for any commercial building owner. Out of many reasons, the most simple is that your door locks are loose, and people can easily unlock them with minimal effort.

Locks need to be tightened from time to time either by using professional help or doing it yourself if you go on for too long without tightening the commercial locks, even if they are not loose enough that causes a problem now.

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Door lock issues may seem minor, but they can be complicated to fix without the help of a professional.

Many safety mechanisms which hinge on your door locks, such as alarms and security devices, can cease functioning if the problem is not resolved promptly.

It's always best to contact a locksmith for assistance with these sorts of problems before the commercial locks start to fail, as rekeying or replacing commercial locks can be expensive.

Our skilled locksmiths can provide you with expert locksmithing services or offer options for upgrading your security system, such as keyless lock options.

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It is inevitable that commercial locks will wear out and need to be replaced.

We know how important the security of your commercial building is, so we have compiled our top six signs that your locks are failing so that you can spot a failing lock before it becomes a security issue.

  1. The lock is misaligned