• NV Locksmith Team

9 Signs You Should Have Your Business Locks Changed

Updated: Nov 22


It is essential to keep your business secure, just as your home is kept secure.

Your business is your source of income, and it is therefore important to have secure commercial locks installed.

If you are inheriting your business, then you might think that the current locks are fine as is.

However, sometimes they may not work as effectively or could be a vulnerability in your business.

How do you know when to change the locks on your business?

There are a few signs that might suggest it is time to replace your locks in order to keep your livelihood secure and safe.

Read on to see nine of the reasons why you need to change the locks on your business.

1. Age


Commercial locks are usually built to withstand more use and general wear and tear than residential locks, but frequent use and hard wear can cause the locks to degrade and require replacement.

When you rely on a lock too long past its prime, you risk your business being broken into or further damage.

Call a locksmith to check the age of your locks and their vulnerability to breakage.

A locksmith can recommend a more secure option if deemed necessary.

2. Exposure to Weather

Exposure to Weather

Outer locks on businesses exposed to harsh weather conditions such as wind, dust, heat, and rain can experience elemental damage.

Not only are you exposing yourself to potential break-ins, but you are also risking a difficult time opening the locks in the future.

Your key may not turn well in the lock due to weather exposure.

A lock with a sticky key is not only bothersome, but it also presents a security issue.

An experienced locksmith can recognize weather-damaged locks and offer a more suitable solution.

3. Recent Break-In

Recent Break-In

If your business has recently been subject to a break-in or burglary, it is an excellent time to replace the locks on your doors.

There is a chance that a burglar has damaged your locks in an attempt to barge into your business.

When burglars attempt to gain entry into your business, they typically cause significant damage by smashing the lock or cutting it.

Once a lock has been tampered with, it is ineffective.

Regardless of effectiveness, it would be best if you did not use your locks further after a break-in.

If your business is vulnerable to break-ins, you might want to upgrade your locks to a more secure version.

Calling your locksmith to examine your locks is a good idea after a break-in.

The locksmiths may choose to add security by adding different lock hardware or deadbolts.

4. Outdated Locks

Outdated Locks

Outdated locks are different from aged locks.

Locks are continually being upgraded and improved, and the locks you have on your business may not be as secure as the newer versions.

You can consider replacing your locks and doorknob yourself, but this can be tricky.

Consult a professional locksmith to recommend any new or enhanced locks that will keep your business protected.

5. Lost or Stolen Keys

Lost or Stolen Keys

If your keys are lost or stolen, you must replace the locks on your business, and you will want to have this done quickly.

Misplaced or stolen keys automatically decrease your business’ security because there is no way of knowing if someone will try to gain entry into your business.

Replacing the locks on the door(s) will make you feel more safe and secure, knowing that there is no one out there with a key to your business.

The same applies to keys that you can not account for.

You may have made copies of keys for contractors, employees, and more.

If you didn’t account for each set of keys, you would be wise to change your locks.

6. Upgrading to More Modern Locks

Upgrading to More Modern Locks

If you are ready to change your keyed locks, you may want to discuss upgrading to biometric or electronic locks with a professional locksmith.

Electronic locks use codes instead of a key, so you do not need to worry about losing keys.

If someone no longer needs access to the building, you would change the code.

Biometric locks use a fingerprint to open, offering another very secure option for your business.

Finally, a further option is switching to a security lock that takes a photo when your door is opened.

7. Need for Accessibility

Need for Accessibility

Some locks are more challenging to use than others. If you have any mobility issues or trouble with grip, you may want to change your locks for personal accessibility reasons.

A professional locksmith can offer you options for making your commercial locks more accessible.

For instance, they may switch out deadbolts to thumb turn locks, or doorknobs switched to levers.